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Arena cover- open with possible curtains or sliding partitions $75,000

SEG is always battling the weather. If we can’t have therapies then not only do the kids lose out, but the organization goes without needed funds to feed the horses. We have lost over half of the weekend therapies in the last 9 months due to weather.

Feed & Hay for winter months $ 2,625

Oct-Dec is a tough time for feed and hay . Both are more expensive, and hay is not as plentiful

Arena resurface (material with Bobcat rental) $ 5,200

Erosion has gotten the best of our small arena and new material will help keep the kids and horses safer

Pasture Revitalization (Skid Steer rental, topsoil) $ 3,900

SEG’s pastures are situated mostly on hills so the runoff is a problem.

New fence lines using existing round pen sections $ 850

These new areas would help us keep the horses segregated and healthy.

Additional stables at wash racks (material only) $ 2,100

This helps keep the horses out of the increment weather.

Additional stables at pole barn (material only) $ 1,800

This helps keep additional horses out of the increment weather.

Gates (end of arena, between wood pastures) $ 1,030

Better access between the wooded pastures will help with safety for handlers.

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